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Wednesday June 26, 2019

Good Morning Napanee - and Belleville & Kingston areas of course!

In the past few days we've been asked, more than once, to compare our services to other companies out there - something that surprised us and something we just won't do. We refuse to compare ourselves to anyone else; what we can do is simply tell you a few things about us:

- We have always strived, and have been committed to, keeping our prices economical. Our main goal with our small local business is to provide each and every customer with a licensed, experienced, safe, and affordable way to "Venture" outside of their immediate areas and comfort zones and create some memories for both themselves, and with friends, family, and loved ones.

- Our goal is not to become rich off of our customers but to share in experiences with them, and at the end of the day, share a laugh, a smile, or simply hear that they've enjoyed their day. We genuinely enjoy meeting each and every person who Ventures with us and we love to see them come back again and again.

- Why do we have Giveaways - because we can! We personally have issues that are "near & dear" to us and we love to give back to our community and help where we can. The smiles on the faces of our recipients are payment enough and make our hearts sore!

- We have no problem with eating on board! We understand that travel can be expensive, especially on families. Bring your snacks, drinks, meals - every little bit that helps you keep your cost down and still enjoy your day!

- No, we do not have a bathroom on board - but we do make regular pit stops for washrooms, food, even to simply stretch! We have also been known to stop for unplanned breaks when requested!

- If you have a question, simply ask! We can be reached by phone (855-BUS-TO-GO), by email (charters@venturebuslines.ca), send us a message on Facebook, or interact on Instagram or Twitter. We are always right here and have been known to even answer after hours! Ask away - there is no such thing as a silly question!

To sum things up - we love our customers, and our business, and look forward to meeting so many of you in the years to come!

Venture along with us and make some memories of your own!